The artists on this website are all Members of the RBSA (The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists) and their work represents a wide range of the techniques available to the printmaker.

David Harban and Maggie Kitching use predominantly intaglio techniques in their work, while Peter Shread produces woodcuts made by building up an image from several blocks.

Lynn Jeffery uses silk-screen and other methods to make images based on her ever expanding collection of photographs and Paul Hipkiss makes both relief and intaglio prints which are usually inspired by the industrial environment.

All the artists here have exhibited widely and their work can frequently be seen at the RBSA Galleries.  www.rbsa.org.uk

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David Harban RBSA

Paul Hipkiss RBSA

Lynn Jefferys RBSA

Maggie Kitching RBSA

Peter Shread RBSA